About Us


eshamil is registered online insurance portal operated by Tradelink Insurance Services LLC & licensed by the Capital Market Authority in Oman.


We at Trade Links Insurance Services Co. LLC have been operating  in the Insurance field for the last 39 years and have been Insuring  Assets ( Commercial and Personal lines ).


We are regulated, independent intermediaries that provide the link between clients and insurance companies. We  work on behalf of our clients as agents, arrange contracts and act as independent advisers who help to make informed choices in their best interests.


For this, we have an in-depth knowledge of insurance and the products on offer. We differ from tied agents (working for a single insurance company called as Insurance Agents )  We work in a very professional manner as we offer the products of more than one insurer, and in this respect we remain  impartial. We arrange to get the most additional covers at a very reasonable quote 


Complex cases can involve presenting reports to insurance underwriters, carrying out surveys and negotiating cover. We also  advise clients on the claims process, and  specialize in this work and become and act as claims brokers too in the event of any claims. 


Depending on the nature of the business, We  also get involved in various administrative duties. We keep proper records of the Insurance Policies deal with correspondence and collect premiums on behalf of the Insurance companies. We are involved in marketing, acquiring new business and liaising with the local Insurance companies 


Apart in providing prompt and efficient services we advise our client in all types of Insurance and tend to deal with the more complicated risk , which can involve assets worth millions of Rials.


Further to protect your Interest we have provided apart from the Bank Guarantee a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy to CMA ( Capital Market Authority ) The policy  protects your business against compensation sought by a client if We have made mistakes/ Errors or are found to have been negligent in some or all of the services that we provide for You. Professional indemnity insurance will also cover  legal costs too.


For all the services we provide,  we do not charge any fees to our clients, our services charges/ brokerage is paid  directly  by the Insurance company  on receipt of the premium. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any new proposal of Insurance which may be  required by you during the coming months.